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Mariani Dogma custom


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A custom boot that is hand built with care, using the best Italian leather fabrics

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Performance you can believe in. That's the essence of the new Dogma boot from Mariani. The pros know you can't put blind faith in your equipment, that's why we've teamed with Mariani. These boots are road-ready and podium proven. Step into our Dogma. Your prayers have been answered.

Davide Mariani started making custom boots in1997. At that time, the only molded skates come from the Netherlands (Viking) or from Australia (Bont). Most of the rest of the inline skates are standard and still basic. Davide Mariani was a skater himsef, know all over Europe, competing at Europeans and Worlds. He stopped skating in 1999 in order to focus on his custom boot business. In the past decade he developed his custom boots and became worldwide known as one of the leading bootmakers. Davide is copied many times by others, but no one has come close to match his exclusive Italian style and craftmanship.
In order to protect his proprietary rights Davide has one golden rule, that of never recruiting skaters or ex-skaters for a simple reason: industrial espionage. “There are too many risks that someone tries to copy all the accumulated know-how...”

Owning a pair of Mariani's, you know that you have a boot that is hand built with care using the best Italian sports fabrics. You won't find any similar product that equals the performance of a Mariani Dogma.

Extra informatie

Boot mount options longitudinal slide slot
Schoenbevestiging 195mm
Boot degree of stiffness Extremely stiff-hard+maximum control
Boot moldability heel+ankle
Materiaal schoenkuip carbonfiber


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  • Custom Boot
    Review door MMon 14-02-2014
    Best materials, best quality, best manufacturing.. best custom hand made boot ever!