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Mobilap radius machine GLASS


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The afforable radius machine, used by the best teams and skate shops the world over.


Available in two versions: Mobilap Glass and Mobilap Pro. Both 100% precise and functional. The Glass is your best option for personal use, as it's engine is 'lighter' and it is based on a glass bottom. The Pro is the best option for heavier use in teams or at shops. It has an aluminium bottom and a stronger engine.

The mobilap radius machine operates with templates. Due to the small distance between the skate and the template the radius-profile in the template is copied very accurately to the blade.

Much attention is paid to the clamping unit and the positioning of the skate relative to the template. The result is a minimum loss of material. Because of this the skates can be ground frequently, for consistent radius quality.

The construction is very compact, light weight and portable!
The machine meets 60x28x18 cm and the net weight amounts to 10 kg.

Included are:

  • base plate with blade holder
  • motor with precision tuning
  • duo-template (two sided radius jig)
  • diamant dress-stone
  • extended user guide (instruction manual)

CBN-wheel (optional)
With the Mobilap Pro you can use an optional CBN-wheel instead of the normal grinding stone. The CBN-wheel produces less dust and doesn't require dressing of the stone and is therefore even more suitable in a production environment. Because a CBN-wheel needs a higher rotation speed, a fuji speed controller is used.

Extra informatie

Framemateriaal Nee
Frame hoogte Nee
Schoenbevestiging Nee
Materiaal schoenkuip Nee
Wheel setup Nee
Boot moldability Nee
Boot degree of stiffness Nee
Mesmateriaal Nee


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