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Sanwa Kenma diamond sharpening disks


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Professional diamond abrasive for the grinding and polishing of ice skating blades


Maintenance of the SenWa Kenma diamond disks:

In case that you are not satisfied with the grinding and polishing performance, one reason could be that the Blade Sharpener or Side Sharpener is loaded/dirty. To solve this problem, dressing of the disk's surface will take care that Blade Sharpener (or Side Sharpener) will be clean again.

Simply put the dresser into water and then slightly rub it over the surface/edge of the abrasive that has to be cleaned in case that you have found a weak grinding or polishing performance. This has to be done around 10 times. Then wash the dresser and clean it.

The disks can also be cleaned by holding and rubbing them against eachother. Make sure the abrasive surfaces are wet!

Extra informatie

Framemateriaal Nee
Frame hoogte (mm) Nee
Schoenbevestiging Niet beschikbaar
Materiaal schoenkuip Nee
Wheel setup Niet beschikbaar
Boot moldability Nee
Boot degree of stiffness Nee
Materiaal schaatsmes Nee


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